Slatted frame
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Slatted frame

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Choose the dimensions according to your ideas. The slatted frame comes with 32 pcs. 40 mm slats incl. Support rails (two-part, total length 198 cm) supplied.

Lieferzeit: 3 to 4 weeks

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Biobett Slatted frame

The Biobett slatted frame consists of two side rails on which the slats are placed. Sidebars and slats are connected by movable natural rubber caps. These ensure that the slatted frame adapts to your body and your sleeping position and supports it at the same time. If necessary, the slatted frame can be adapted and extended to the length of your bed. The lumbar area is reinforced by double slats in the appropriate areas and is individually adjustable to your body proportions. For an optimal sensation in lying we recommend the Biobett natural mattress Classic.

The slatted frame is supplied with 32 pcs. 40 mm strips including support strips (two parts, total length 198 cm).

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