Wool Blanket from Baumberger
  • Baumberger Woll-Steppdecke

Wool Blanket from Baumberger

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Baumberger Wool Blankets

Wool fibers have a temperature-balancing effect, without which a sheep could not exist. That’s why Baumberger wool blankets are suitable for the whole year. The wool from certified organic livestock is particularly high-bulk and thus heat-regulating, transports moisture particularly well and always produces a balanced climate.

Baumberger Woll-Steppdecke
Baumberger Variante Woll-Steppdecke

Quilted Blanket

This relatively thin blanket is ideal for the hot season. It can be equipped with bands and used in combination, for example with “Quilted Blanket Warm”

Baumberger Variante Woll-Steppdecke-warm

Quilted Blanket warm

This blanket is meant for the warmer half of the year. Due to its average filling weight it is moderately warm and well climatizing. On colder nights, the “Quilted Blanket” can be added. Both can be tied together with bands to form a combination blanket.

Baumberger Variante Woll-Duodecke

Dual Blanket

This cuddly warm blanket is especially suitable for the colder months. Due to the dual design and the special quilting, it is very breathable and cuddly.

Baumberger Variante Woll-Duodecke-extrawarm

Dual Blanket Extra Warm

The “Dual Blanket Extra Warm” is especially suitable for people with a high heat requirement. Even in cold winter nights the double filling warms and creates a cozy feeling.


As a small manufacturer we are of course limited. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you a complete bed concept in which you naturally sleep well. That’s why we work.

Baumberger fertigt seit 1992 konsequent ökologische Naturmatratzen sowie Naturbettwaren und ist eine der führenden Marken in diesem Segment. Seit 2013 ist Baumberger die erste Matratzenfertigung in Europa mit einer transparenten Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) und Global Organic Textile Standard (GOLS) Zertifizierung.