Cotton Linen Pillow from Baumberger
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Cotton Linen Pillow from Baumberger

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Baumberger CoLi-Pillow

The “Deshi” cotton traditionally used in bedding in India gives the pillow the largest volume and still remains relatively soft. The linen content allows moisture to escape quickly. The individually quilted layers prevent clumping of the filling. Another advantage is the washability of the entire pillow. The five fleece layers can be easily hung up to dry and ventilate or can be rolled individually in the pillow to provide neck support.

Baumberger Bale-Kissen


As a small manufacturer we are of course limited. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you a complete bed concept in which you naturally sleep well. That’s why we work.

Baumberger fertigt seit 1992 konsequent ökologische Naturmatratzen sowie Naturbettwaren und ist eine der führenden Marken in diesem Segment. Seit 2013 ist Baumberger die erste Matratzenfertigung in Europa mit einer transparenten Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) und Global Organic Textile Standard (GOLS) Zertifizierung.