Cotton Linen Blanket from Baumberger
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Cotton Linen Blanket from Baumberger

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Baumberger CoLi-Blankets

CoLi-blankets are purely plant-based. Co stands for cotton and Li for linen. A very traditional team in textile history. In the CoLi blankets, the ratio is 80 to 20. Precosely this composition has proven particularly advantageous as a bedding filling.

The extra-puffy cotton provides fluffy warmth, while linen has a moisture-regulating and antiseptic effect. A pure filling made of cotton would be hygroscopic and loses part of its warming effect due to the slow evaporation of moisture.

The pure linen filling, however, would be relatively firm and cool. With the CoLi blend, the proportion of linen fibers quickly transports the moisture so that the cotton can exert its warming effect.

The cooling effect of the linen is reduced, but the antibacterial effect remains. In short, an ideal fiber mixture, especially for people who prefer plant-based products.

The CoLi blankets are invariably washable and at moderate temperatures dryers are also suitable. Since they do not contain any chemical additives for ease of care, they require a little more attention.

Baumberger Bale-Duodecke
Baumberger Variante BaLe-Steppdecke

Quilted blanket

This relatively thin blanket is ideal for the hot season. It can be equipped with bands and used in combination, for example with “Quilted Blanket Warm”

Baumberger Variante BaLe-Steppdecke-warm

Quilted blanket warm

This blanket is meant for the warmer half of the year. Due to its average filling weight it is moderately warm and well climatizing. On colder nights, the “Quilted Blanket” can be added. Both can be tied together with bands to form a combination blanket.

Baumberger Variante BaLe-Duodecke

Dual blanket

This cuddly warm blanket is especially suitable for the colder months. Due to the dual design and the special quilting, it is very breathable and cuddly.

Baumberger Variante BaLe-Duodecke-extrawarm

Dual blanket extra warm

The “Dual Blanket Extra Warm” is especially suitable for people with a high heat requirement. Even in cold winter nights the double filling warms and creates a cozy feeling.


As a small manufacturer we are of course limited. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you a complete bed concept in which you naturally sleep well. That’s why we work.

Baumberger fertigt seit 1992 konsequent ökologische Naturmatratzen sowie Naturbettwaren und ist eine der führenden Marken in diesem Segment. Seit 2013 ist Baumberger die erste Matratzenfertigung in Europa mit einer transparenten Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) und Global Organic Textile Standard (GOLS) Zertifizierung.