Our Standards

Our standards

All our products are manufactured according to ecologically sustainable criteria. Learn more about our principles here.

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Fully customizable

As a traditional craftsmanship business, we make every bed personally for you. This allows us to fully respond to your individual needs. You want her bed a little higher, wider or longer? No problem! You have your own vision of your dream bed? We can realize it. Just get in touch with us.

Handmade from regional woods

Our small manufactory is located in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. That’s why we can get our woods directly from neighboring forests. The wood is only a few kilometers back from the workshop and thus causes no unnecessary pollutant emissions. The only exception is the pine wood: Since this wood does not grow in our area, we obtain it primarily from the Alpine region. Of course, this comes from sustainable forestry.

Without chemicals and pollutants

To ensure that the wood retains its natural character, we use an antibacterial, all-organic wood treatment oil: Habiol UV oil, which is also approved for use in the food industry. The gentle, chemical-free surface treatment allows the wood to breathe further and reduces pollutant emissions in the bedroom.

Free of conductive metals

Power lines, mobile phones or alarm clocks generate electro-smog. The metal elements in beds measurably increase it. If parts of these radiations are directed into the sleeping area, they can disturb the restful sleep there. That is why we produce all our products completely metal-free.

Simple assembly, maximum stability

Our beds are extremely uncomplicated in construction and dismantling. This is thanks to the joints we have developed. For the assembly, the individual parts only have to be inserted into each other at right angles. So our beds are assembled without any craftsmanship skills within ten minutes. But there is no loss in quality: All our beds are guaranteed free from annoying squeaks and creaks.

Unique pieces in masterly quality

Wood has many faces. Therefore, we process the raw material as it is grown and use the structures in the wood to create images. We let the natural materials speak for themselves and you receive an individual unique piece.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are a small carpentry company from Thuringia dedicated to healthy sleep.

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What do you do?

We build ecologically sustainable solid wood beds, natural mattresses, frames and bedroom furniture.

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Can I come to visit you?

Sure, of course! You will find us in Urbach – a small, tranquil place between Hainich and Harz in Northwest Thuringia. We are happy to advise you on healthy sleep and show you our workshop. Just make an appointment with us. And if you want, you can also spend here in a Biobett!


Test sleep? How does this work?

We have set up a small but nice bed studio for you. We are happy to invite you to a test sleep in this bed studio. Because to make a decision well, you should sleep on it for a night.

You simply arrive in the evening and choose a bed, a frame and a mattress. You will be personally advised in this by Peter Grube.

Sleep in your bed for one night and make sure that a Biobett is just right for you.

The next morning you get a lovingly prepared breakfast.

Arrange an appointment now.

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Why does the Biobett shop have no seal of quality (e.g. "Trusted Shops")?

Whether “Trusted Shops” or another seal – these seals are to show the customer that an online shop is safe. What many customers are unaware of: the companies that display these seals in their shop have to pay a not inconsiderable monthly amount to the operator of the seal.

We meet all the criteria for such a seal – and would like to flaunt it on our site as well. However, to cover the cost of a quality seal, we would have to make our products more expensive. Thus you as a customer would end up paying for this seal.

We do not think that’s fair. And that’s why we decided not to include a quality seal.

We offer you secure payment options, protect your data and if you want to make sure that we really exist, we are happy to invite you to our manufactory so you can personally convince yourself of our quality. In addition, personal conversations are much more valuable than a purchased seal.

Why the comparatively long delivery times?

As a small manufactory we make your bed directly for you. You look for a metal-free solid wood bed in our online shop and order this with our shopping cart. We are then informed about your order.

Based on your order Christin Hähnlein creates a production order from the service office. This is added to the production orders in our workshop, where our carpenters diligently build beds.

As we process your orders one after the other, the new order starts at the bottom. Because those at the top have ordered a long time ago. So you can be sure that you get a brand new Biobett.

Our production method has another advantage: many of our customers have very special wishes for their bed. Since we make each bed individually, this is also no problem for us!

Where do the names of your beds come from?

From Thuringia: We have named our beds according to famous, female personalities from the history of Thuringia.

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How is a Biobett assembled?

The assembly of a Biobett is very simple. All you need is some space and a second person.

Lay all parts of the bed on the floor as they belong together.

Stand the head of the bed upright and hold it tight. Then set up the first side panel. Insert the hooks into the receptacle on the headboard at right angles. Now hold this horizontally. The second person now hangs the second side panel in the headboard of the bed parallel to this.

To avoid damage, lower the sides at the same time.

Stand the foot upright. Lift the sides again at the same time and guide the hooks into the receptacles of the foot part intended for this purpose.

If your bed has a separate headboard, put it in the desired position and your new bed is ready.

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What are the support strips for?

The support strips serve the slatted frame or the lamellar frame as a lateral support in the bed. If you use our frames in one of our beds, you will not need any support strips as these are of course built the same way for our beds.

If your bed already has a supporting strip of 3 to 4 cm, you do not need a support strip.

For transport-technical reasons the support strips are cut once in the middle and then have to be mounted in the right position in the bed.

I would like a gift certificate. Is that possible?

This is not a problem, of course. Just contact us.